Rules and Regulations


1. All Anglers to hold a current E.A Licence and current Club Membership/Day or Evening Ticket. Licences must be produced upon request

2. All Anglers must sign in and out

3. Cars must be parked in the designated Car ParkS at the pond or the main car park, all cars are parked at own risk

4. All gates must be closed

5. Fishing allowed from designated pegs only

6. All nets to be dipped for 3 minutes prior to fishing and then dipped in rinse

7. Unhooking mats must also be cleaned with dip using brush supplied

8. Season Ticket Membership runs from 01 June to 31 May

9. Unhooking mats, landing nets and disgorger required by all - no swinging in of fish at all 

10. No keep nets allowed - every fish to be landed by british standard landing net and returned by net, regardless of fish size

11. No rods to be left unattended at any time

12. No spinning, dead and live baiting.  No braided hook links or coated braided main line to be used or lead core on line

13. Barb less hooks only, no larger than size 10, random hook checks will be carried out

14. Under 16s allowed to fish only when accompanied by an adult aged 21 years (at all times) 

15. No bloodworm, joker or power bait to be used

16.  15mm boillies or smaller can be used as a hook bait, these boilies must be made by a quality maufacture, cheap poor quality boilies are not allowed, - NO LOOSE BOILLIES TO BE USED OR THROWN INTO POND BUT THEY CAN BE GROUND UP AND PUT INTO PVA BAGS ANYONE BREAKING THIS RULE WILL BE REMOVED FROM FISHERY

17. Bonjela or klineck to be carried to treat any injured fish

18. Surplus bait should be left with the Management or binned but not thrown into the pond

19. all anglers should not encroach into an existing anglers swim if he was first on the pond, and no angler should cast acrooss an other anglers swim

20. Ground Bait is To Be Limited To Pole Cups Or Feeders And Up To 1/2 kg

21. No tins of any type

22. No excessive use of meat or corn

23. No netting or removal of fish. Theft of fish will result in prosecution

24. No pre-baiting

25. No casting into the Reed Beds

26. All litter to be taken home including cigarette ends - no cigarette ends to be thrown into the water

27. No fires to be lit on site

28. No dogs exept foe balliffs unless there is a valid reason and pre-arranged with Management

29. No alcohol allowed onsite

30. No wading or swimming

31. No fixed rigs

32. No loud music allowed on site

33. Season Ticket members allowed maximum of two rods. However, rods are limited to 1 per member if more than 7 anglers are fishing.  Day/Evening Tickets - one rod only allowed unless they have paid an extra £2.00 for the extra rod

34. Fly fishing is allowed for carp on pond from March to September for up to two anglers at one time

35. Keep to all pathways.  Keep off the grass

36. All Anglers are to adopt a responsible and couteous attitude to other Anglers and Fishery Employees

37. Opening Times are displayed on the Ticket Information Page

87. Management reserve the right to inspect bags and cars

39. No visitors allowed unless pre-agreed with the Management - all pre-arranged Visitors must sign in and out

The rights, privileges and liabilities of each angler shall be personal and shall not be, in any circumstances, transferable.

A visitor abusing the rules, privileges or accessories of the Club shall render himself/herself liable to expulsion and/or prosecution Without refund of any monies paid

The Angling Club shall not be held responsible for, or involved in any personal accident, legal or financial liability of any Club member or visitor whether or not such liability arises from his/her connection with the Club.

Any visitors to the Fishery do so entirely at their own risk.  The Owners accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, accident or injury of any kind which may occur.

No guests are allowed on site without Club Membership or Day/Evening Ticket, withour prior agreement with the Management.

The Management reserves the right to change the rules at any time




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